Soba Noodle Making!

I am not sure if many of you are aware, but I just spent an amazing week in Japan! The tour was of the south island of Shikoku and Tokushima. Breathtaking to say the least. I have had the most amazing week of my life and seen some wonderful things. The food was amazing and I hope to share many of my adventures in Japan but first I would like to share Soba noodle making in Shikoku.

The people I met along our tour were the most delightful in the world. Health and wellbeing is paramount and your well-fare is constantly monitored. I fell in love with this amazing place and can’t wait to return with my family this time, ( I left my hubby and daughters behind).

Soba Noodle Experts!

The noodle making school is run by a bunch of delightful ladies keen to show off their noodle making technique. Okuiya Menme Jyuku, is nested in the hills with fabulous views surrounding. After we washed our hands and placed our aprons and head scarfs on, we were shown how to mill the buckwheat. The buckwheat is ground between to concrete stabs and then the remains are sifted to leave the buckwheat flour.

The mill!

Then water is added to achieve the desired dough texture, then the kneading begins. We must knead quite gently for around 10 minutes. Then we begin to roll.






We are given large rolling pins to roll repeatedly whilst turning the dough. When it gets thin enough the dough is wrapped around the pin and rolled repeatedly again. When the right thickness is achieved, we fold the dough over 4 times then slice thinly.


Sliced Noodles

The noodles are boiled for a few minutes then rinsed thoroughly. They dropped our noodles into a pre-prepared soy based broth ready to accompany our lunch.

The delicious result

This meal was exquisite. Not only to look at but also to taste. I thoroughly enjoyed this activity and will be looking for buckwheat flour next shopping trip!

Shikokou is an amazing place and I would recommend you visit if you get the chance!

Next time I will discuss the Tokushima ramen, Japan’s answer to soul food!

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4 Responses to Soba Noodle Making!

  1. Kate Dzienis says:

    Most awesome pics Lise!

  2. trialsinfood says:

    wow, what an experience! awesome!

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