Alcohol-Free Update

I had a hell of a week last week! My husband did his anterior cruciate ligament in his knee. We spent the week going to hospital and doctors appointments. I had to do all the driving of course with a disabled husband and rambunctious toddler in tow, I was ready to lose it! Poor Hubby has been in a bit of pain and spent the week at home. For some reason my toddler decided to be extremely testing, probably not getting quite enough attention! The 9-yea-old while usually very good, decided she was not going to be as helpful as mum would have liked. So I spent the week taking care of EVERYTHING in our household for the week. I could have hovered a bottle of wine!

Little Angels!

I ended up begging my mum to have the girls for a couple of nights over the long weekend because I was exhausted! Not just from the week I had, but in general, our toddler is hard work! Even Nanna couldn’t wait for us to collect them! We had a lovely peaceful weekend, so relaxing. I even cooked a Tuscan feast, which I will blog about soon, best meal we have had in ages. A nice bottle of wine would have been great. I am still surprised I was able to resist. 23 days to go! Hurry up!

Oh, a little note, I have just invested in a new camera! I hope to be able to post much better quality photo’s now!

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