Mum’s Cheese Biscuits!

Last week a friend and her toddler came over for a play date. From my experience, toddlers love a snack. Emma always bakes delicious treats for us when we visit her, so I thought, ‘what can I bake for her?’ My cupboards were bare, so I decided to have a flick through mum’s cookbook to see if I could find something simple and easy to whip up for our guests.

I came across these cheese biscuits. They have bugger all ingredients and were a delicious bite size morsel. With a pastry like texture and a savoury flavour they were perfect to present as an alternative to a sweet treat, a nice change. They lasted about 5 minutes!

I used a Colby cheese, as that is what I had in the fridge, but a nice sharp cheddar would create a greater depth of flavour. Try them with a cheese plate or just on their own to nibble. On the table in 20 minutes, quick, tasty and easy.

Cheese Biscuits


1/2 cup plain flour

4 tablespoons butter

3/4 cup grated cheese

1 teaspoon baking powder

salt and pepper

A slash of milk to mix


Sift flour, rub in butter and add remaining dry ingredients. Mix to a dough like texture, adding a little milk as needed. Kneed until a nice soft dough has formed. Roll thin and cut into desired shapes. Bake for 10 minutes, at 160 degrees, on trays lined with baking paper. Remove when golden brown.

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5 Responses to Mum’s Cheese Biscuits!

  1. Kathy says:

    Your cheese bite look yummy and will go well with your birthday wine! Good luck with staying off the booze!

  2. I wish i could grab these biscuits off my screen!
    Am definitely going to try your recipe out!!

    thanks for sharing!


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