Cravings, The Extended Edition: Summer Grazing Platter

Eight years of publication have come to an end, as Cravings magazine closes its doors. The Perth-based food magazine had been a passionate endeavour for Alison Clarke, editor and owner. Recently, I caught up with Alison to chat about the end of the magazine and where she will go from here. Alison said, “It finally got to a point for my family and I, that continuing the magazine was no longer viable.” The last three years had seen struggles with sales, some unfortunate financial dealings and a drop in advertising interest.

Cravings Magazine

This leaves Perth with only one local food magazine, Menu which is more focused on restaurant reviews. With so much information available on the internet these days, the need for magazines is lessening. Advertisers are choosing to spend money online rather than in magazines. Social media and blogs are taking over as a way to find food information. This is a cheaper option for advertisers.  With advertising contracts due for renewal, Alison said “I found it hard to woo advertisers back.”  Without money coming in from advertisers it was difficult to finance the magazine.

Cravings magazine included loads of information for the Perth foodie. Interesting interviews with chefs, amazing recipes, and current information about upcoming food events. All things food and drink were detailed in this exquisite and stylish magazine. Alison has a natural flair for food styling; it will be sad no longer to see the beautiful photographs throughout the pages of Cravings. Though it is still easy to find Perth food information on the net, it’s not the same as having it all in a pretty magazine on the coffee table.

Most staff working for Cravings were contractors, so they will easily move on to bigger and better things. Alison feels no need to worry about them. Cravings, was a passion for her, “I’m still grieving the loss, but at the same time it’s been an enormous relief.” she said. With more time, she can now focus on the success of her next foodie adventure: the new Electrolux Cooking School in Fremantle. With a variety of cooking classes available, (including a mystery box!) she hopes the cooking school will become a huge success. Classes are filling fast and with keen help from her 16-year-old son, it seems well on its way. I would like to wish Alison all the best and share one of my favourite recipes from Cravings. I am quite often asked to bring this platter to parties. It’s a winner!

Summer Grazing Platter

Summer Grazing Platter


1 small grainy bread loaf

100gms pancetta, (or crisp prosciutto is nice)

100gms seedless watermelon, diced

50gms Persian feta

50gms toasted almonds

1 small mild red chilli

Fresh mint leaves

Arrange decoratively on a serving plate and enjoy!

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2 Responses to Cravings, The Extended Edition: Summer Grazing Platter

  1. Kate Dzienis says:

    It’s always sad to see the end of a journalistic era. The future of a traditional form of writing for journalists is a scary through for writers and one can only hope that readers still see enjoyment from hardcopy magazines. Which begs the question – why are magazines like New Idea and Woman’s Day still overly popular and can uphold their financial situation when a WHOLE lot of THAT information can be discovered online i.e. celebrity gossip, etc? A note to Alison: Good luck Alison, when you open up a cooking school north of the river, I’ll be the first to sign up.

  2. rebecca rea says:

    I discovered cravings magazine while I was staying in australia for 7months, a few years ago. I loved the magazine and bought every edition I could find whilst I was there. I am now living in Northern Ireland. I tried to find the website and find out if I could subsribe from over here. Disappointed the magazine is ending, I still hope to find some back copies.

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