Alcohol Free Update! I Love Slushies!

If you have read my last post, you will see I am going without alcohol till my birthday. Nine days down and doing quite well, I think. I was certainly tempted on the weekend. I was invited to a friends for Peach Belini slushies and cheese. ‘Sounds great to me’! Oh that’s right I’m behaving! I thought ahead and made a slushy of my own! I whizzed up some super yummy ingredients in the blender and turned up with my own slushy!

Peach Belini Slushy

Ribs! Yummo!










When I arrived, there was pork ribs on the BBQ! I did not have to resist those! Everyone was very interested in my drink even though it was alcohol free. The kids wanted to try it, I have found my 9-year-old now loves a smoothie as I have been experimenting with some different flavours. It is fun to try something new, and having a funky colourful drink in a cool glass with a straw, you hardly feel like your missing out!

Here are a few of my slushy/smoothie ideas, try some of your own!

Peach and Blueberry

1 cup apple juice                            Handful frozen blueberries

8 slices peach in juices                 A splash of peach juices

1 large tablespoon orange and passion sorbet

1 large tablespoon greek vanilla yoghurt

Handful ice (optional)

Whizz together in the blender untill smooth.

Berry and lemon/lime

Alcohol free smoothie!

6-8 strawberries chopped

Handful frozen blueberries

1 cup tropical juice

Handful ice

1 large tablespoon lemon/lime sorbet

Whizz together in blender untill smooth!

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