CBD Restaurant and Bar

Living in the suburbs means a trip to the city is few and far between. An 11th wedding anniversary found us spending the night in the city and looking for a appropriate dinner location. Relatively unfamiliar with the dining gems in Perth city, we found ourselves wandering aimlessly, up and down the streets, reading menus. Before we died of starvation, we settled on CBD Restaurant and Bar. Located at Rydges Hotel, corner of Hay and King streets.

The first impression was not great, tipsy patrons being rowdy out the front left me with small expectations for an impressive dining experience. Once in the door, my perception began to change. We were seated by the window with a bird’s eye view of the kitchen’s action. The ambiance inside was much more relaxed than the hussle out the front. Dimmed lights and gorgeous giant burgundy lightshades hanging from the roof, created a romantic and elegant feel.

We ordered drinks and perused the menu. It actually looked quite tantalizing. Hubby started with spiced beef, spinach and feta, herb salad ($18.00) its description was deceptive. It was presented in a bowl with a green sauce, beef placed on the top and herb salad on the side. We expected to see a salad with herbs, spinach, feta and beef. Pleasantly surprised, it was delicious. I am still trying to work out how to replicate the dish.

Spicy beef, spinach, feta and herb salad.

My entrée was bocconcini, tomato, shallots, basil and vincotto ($15.00). The baby bocconcini was breaded, fried and delicious, the tomatoes fresh and crunchy and the vincotto dressing had just the right amount of sweetness to balance the acidity of the tomatoes. It left me wanting more!

Bocconcini,tomato, shallots, basil and vincotto

For main Hubby had 250gm dry aged Harvey Beef rump, ($37.00) Well cooked and accompanied by optional sides ($8.00 each) crumbed onion rings, potato and onion stack and grilled mushrooms with confit tomato. Mushroom sauce and bernaise sauce ($4.50 each).

Steak and sides

I couldn’t resist, BBQ pork belly, sweet potato chips and slaw ($35.00). Exactly what I fancied! Well presented and the pork was tender. Coleslaw crisp and the chips, crunchy on the outside and soft in the middle. An enjoyable meal.

BBQ pork belly with sweet potato chips and slaw

We decided to skip desserts as we were stuffed to just the right degree. The bird’s eye view of the kitchen was highly entertaining. The executive chef, Sam Southhall, was like a well oiled machine! He moved swiftly and methodically round the kitchen, without needing to scream and yell at the kitchen staff. The kitchen seemed to run smoothly, it showed in the food.

The staff, were attentive and friendly, although, I was a little disappointed, I was unable to take the remainder of my $40 bottle of wine with me. I recommend ordering by the glass. They have no take away licence. The night’s price tag seemed very reasonable. We live in the swan valley and are used to paying extortionate prices for meals. Shame we don’t live closer to the city, this could become my regular!

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  1. Faye says:

    Happy Wedding Anniversary

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