Top 10 Excuses to Ditch the Diet on the Weekend!

Like many, I am lucky enough to be carrying a few extra kilo’s for warmth this winter. As a food lover, it is extremely hard to shift them. There is always some excuse to indulge when the weekend rolls round. Today is Friday and I am feeling the excuses creep up on me already!

Top 10 Excuses to Ditch the Diet on the Weekend!

  1. Your best mate invites you round for a wine and cheese platter, be rude to say no!
  2. The weekend means extra time to exercise to make up for indulgence! ( which is great if you actually do the exercise!)
  3. You have worked hard all week, you deserve a treat!
  4. You are shopping on Saturday with the kids, it is just easier to grab takeaways for lunch!
  5. It’s the weekend!
  6. You have more time to try out those amazing recipes you keep seeing on great food blogs!
  7. All the fabulous markets are open with beautiful, fresh produce to try!
  8. The weather is great now we are coming into spring, who fancies a picnic?
  9. The weekend is a great time to try out that restaurant you have been meaning to get to!
  10. You can always start a new diet on Monday!

So screw it! Life is too short! Everything in moderation, do what makes you happy and enjoy your weekend damn it!

Cheers to the freaken weekend!

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2 Responses to Top 10 Excuses to Ditch the Diet on the Weekend!

  1. Kate Dzienis says:

    There is an excuse number 11 too, and I think it has something to do with cupcakes.

  2. feedsandfun says:

    oh yes, and cupcakes!

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