Guest post- Kate Dzienis

I have had little food adventures this week. I have been stuck home with sick kids and awesome, I picked up their germs too! I have been neglecting my blog. I asked my friend Kate at skinny cap with two sugars, if she would like to share one of her food adventures. Of course she obliged! Here is her berry good instalment!


Strawberries and cream (cheese) by Kate Dzienis

Local strawberries

We all find it hard to add those extra healthy bits of food in our diets and mix things up a bit to make meals interesting. It got me thinking how I’m somewhat lacking in berries at the moment and missing out on all their antioxidants and magical goodness.

The problem I’ve found is that it’s not exactly berry season – cherries are still coming into the grocery stores thick and fast but they’re imported from the US (delicious nonetheless I must admit!).

At the moment I’m having to turn to frozen berry packs and unless you add them into yoghurts, I’ve been discovering how hard it is to find healthy meals featuring berries.

Sure, you can do your muffins, cakes and other dessert-style dishes which, even just thinking about it is making my mouth drool, but I challenged myself to find a nutritious option that was quick, easy and tasty with ingredients already at home – I don’t generally have time to cook or bake.

Thankfully, strawberry season is creeping upon us every so slowly so I stopped on my way home at the weekend to pick up some freshly picked strawbs (as I like to call them) and hauled them into my kitchen to whip up a fresh lunch.

Opening up the fridge, I discovered a world of cream cheese and bread – my brain’s light bulb turned bright white!

A healthy, melt-in-your-mouth sandwich was plated up in no time and satisfied my tastebuds.

Check out the ingredients below and then use your creativity to make it your own.



Berry and cream sandwich



Cream cheese

Wholemeal/wholegrain bread

Really? Do I need to write a method? Surely we can figure this one out!


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