Mundaring Truffle Festival

I had planned on visiting the Mundaring Truffle Festival today, but alas my eldest is unwell. I will do the mummy duties and stay home and tend to her.

I was looking forward to the atmosphere, its a beautiful day. I wanted to try some yummy truffle dishes and maybe bump into some celebrity chefs!

I was keen to slowly meander, looking at all the various truffle products and the farm stalls. Im sure the day would have been great fun.

Well I guess there is always next year! Right?

For a cool write up on the festival, check out ChompChomp’s blog!

Fellow Perth food blogger Blue Apocalypse is attending, check her blog out, I’m sure she will have a great write up of the event.

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One Response to Mundaring Truffle Festival

  1. Chompchomp says:

    Oh what a shame you couldn’t go! I hope your daughter is better now and that you have better luck next year! 🙂

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