I have never made honeycomb before. I was recently given Baking Made Easy, by Lorraine Pascale, you might have seen her on a Masterchef Masterclass. I found the recipe for honeycomb and decided I’d give it a try for the kids after school.

What a cool thing to make! when you add the bicarbonate soda at the end its very exciting. The way it bubbled and frothed was really cool! It reminded me of my primary school days and mixing bicarbonate soda and vinegar to create volcano lava. Also very hot so be careful if doing it with the kids. It turned out delicious, the kids ate so much, my eldest had a stomach ache!

Here is the recipe from Baking Made Easy, if you have not made honeycomb before it is well worth a try!



Vegetable oil, for oiling

80g butter

160g caster sugar

80g golden syrup

2 teaspoons bicarbonate of soda


Oil a 20cm square baking tin,(or equivalent) .

Put the sugar, butter and golden syrup in a medium heavy-based pan and heat gently until the sugar has dissolved.

Turn up the heat and boil rapidly,without stirring. If using a gas hob, make sure the flame doesn’t ‘lick’ up the sides, as the sugar will start to burn on the sides of the pan. If some sugar does catch at any point, dip a pastry brush in some water and brush the sides or the pan to remove any sugar.

Keep an eye on it the whole time. If the mixture gets darker on one side of the mix, then gently swirl the pan to mix it all together. Keep boiling until the mixture goes a good golden ‘honeycomb’ colour- this will take about 5 mins.

Add the bicarbonate soda and stir for a few seconds. Tip the honeycomb into the oiled baking tin and leave until cold and set, (I found this took 20-30 mins). Cut into pieces and serve.

For a naughty treat dip in chocolate, stir through ice cream or sprinkle over desserts!

My chocolatey honeycomb!

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