Brazilian Festival!

My new friend Kate over at Skinny Cap with Two Sugars invited me to The Brazilian Folk Festival yesterday. Festa Junina it was called. Kate had gained tickets from her Brazilian friend Ana. The festival was held at City Farm in East Perth. I didn’t know what to expect and was pleasantly surprised when we walked through the gates. We were greeted by warm, gorgeous Brazilian smiles, completely infectious!

Traditional Brazilian festival costume

The Festa Junina is mostly kid oriented, it is the Brazilian version of a country fair. It was a real fun atmosphere. There where stalls with kids games and people dressed as farmers in their flannel shirts and straw hats!

Oh, and then we spotted the food stalls! I’ll have one of each thanks!

We started with caramel filled churros, OMG amazing. Then we found meat on a stick! chicken or beef? Of course I tried both.

We then wandered into the bar for a strawberry juice in a can, very refreshing. We sat in the sun and soaked up the atmosphere before we were dragged away by Ana and told we must try coxinha. Hard to say but easy to eat. there was a bit of a wait as they are quite the delicacy. A deep-fried, dough with a chicken filling, I know, Yum!


Was thirsty again by that stage so back to the bar for a traditional cocktail, caipirinha. When I asked what it was, I was told, “is lime, is sugar, is very good!” You know what? He was right! I sipped away on that for a while and then was hungry again. I set off to find something sweet! No shortage here! I went with the Pudim. It was like a creme caramel, delicious, I was told it is purely egg and milk. The caramel over the top was yum.

I was finding it a bit hard to walk at that stage so we rolled into the hall to watch the children dancing, then the adults doing a sack race. Funny as! The Brazilian people are friendly, fun and gorgeous. It was a great day out! I will definitely be back next year!

Anyone have a coxinha recipe? Please share!


What? These don’t look rude do they?

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