A nice hot cuppa

Is there nothing better than a nice hot cuppa tea on a cold winters day?

My tea pot

I  recently dived into my kitchen cupboard for a tea cup and found something I’d forgotten all about. It had not seen the light of day since last winter. A lovely teapot and cup for one. It makes me smile to drink from such a pretty cup and remember the great friend, who obviously knows me well, bought for me as a birthday present one year.

I love trying new teas in winter, said friend and I lunched in the city recently and visited T2. What a beautiful store! The tea cups and pots were stunning and the variety of teas are amazing. Do yourself a favour and pop out and try a new tea. Maybe green apple or rose? Put it in a pretty tea pot and cup, even if it’s for one, it’s one of life’s little pleasures.

Pretty tea cups at T2

Whats your favourite tea variety?

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One Response to A nice hot cuppa

  1. Kate Dzienis says:

    Mmmm…in this cool weather (because let’s face it, 23 degrees in Perth during winter is NOT said winter!), my fave at the moment is T2’s detox tea.

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